January 23-25, 2019 | Hilton Anatole Dallas

It's time to get honest. Let's stop ignoring the realities of our industry and start tackling the issues and misconceptions that we're all hearing. The mortgage and real estate industries are evolving, and there's no way around it. We're going to tackle the issues head on...together...at MORE!

Here's the deal. There are some big personalities out there with processes and brands that have been around for years. But MORE isn't about personalities and processes. MORE is about transparency, moving beyond the status quo, and embracing the tools and strategies that are transforming our businesses. The customer is in control. Relationships still matter. Data doesn't lie. You are relevant!

Today, we start a movement, a new tribe of professionals who are ready for open dialogue, refreshed enthusiasm, and to do what it takes to elevate their games to the next level.