Partner Content Submission

As a MORE 2019 Partner (you’re more than a sponsor), you are an invaluable part of the event. We have uniquely structured the event so that you actually are a contributor to the message. We keep saying, “What got you here won’t get you there.” We want your session to fall into that theme. Innovation, creativity, technology, outside-the-box thinking, honest assessment, confronting roadblocks…all of these are real challenges that affect every professional in this industry and beyond.

So what is your company/product doing to help the industry professionals thrive? Remember, SALES PITCHES ARE NOT ALLOWED. This session is not a demonstration or show-and-tell session. It is all about overcoming, thriving, and excelling in an evolving industry.

Please use this form to submit your information and intent. As soon as this is submitted, we will follow up with your contributors to sign content agreements and arrange for logistics. Note: each contributor is provided free registration to the conference and one night’s hotel reservation.

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Remember, our goal is not to present sales pitches. We are looking for case studies and stories of transformation from people who use your products. We want our audience to understand the principles that can change their business. Every great case study includes three parts: challenge, solution, and outcome. Please tell us why you believe your product benefited your customer and how it transformed their business.
You may choose up to three contributors to join your panel or discussion. Ideally, they would be from different companies that can provide unique perspectives but fall into the theme you intend to share. They may be from one company.
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