Is your company playing offense or defense?

If you weren’t already aware, the past week presented some challenges for the mortgage industry. As Casey Crawford, CEO of Movement Mortgage shared, some tough decisions had to be made for his company. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one.

This is a fairly good “state of the industry” story. But Casey isn’t backing down, and neither are we. HIs motivation for the Movement Mortgage team is an echo of our inspiration for The MORE Conference. As we’ve been saying and will continue to say, it’s time to be honest and transparent. Leading in tough times requires offense, loving your employees, serving the needs of your customers. It might mean doing something different…maybe even radical.

One of our incredible sponsors, ListReports, sent this video out to some of their friends this week. They’re big believers in The MORE Conference, and we think Wessal shared the message well.

These videos represent both sides of why The MORE Conference exists…the industry is evolving, and it’s time for real conversation. It’s also time to roll your sleeves up, get creative, learn new things, and thrive. And, oh, by the way, we’re going to have a good time doing it.

We’ll see you in Dallas! If you haven’t already registered, here’s your chance.