Wessal Khader

Wessal Khader has been a dynamic, millennial leader in the mortgage industry for close to a decade. Apart from her impactful philanthropic endeavors that serve veterans across the country, one of her most notable achievements is through the founding and successful build of the purchase-focused Retail Lending arm of the #1 VA-dedicated lender in America. As the former President of Retail Lending at Veterans United Home Loans, Wessal led its launch into a multi-billion-dollar loan origination platform.

Wessal continued to serve the industry as Partner & President of Synergy One Lending, until she discovered and implemented ListReports’ groundbreaking real estate marketing technology and experienced staggering results, which fueled her passion to join the founders of ListReports as the COO and co-owner.

Wessal shares in ListReports vision to make buying and selling a home a truly delightful experience. She plays an integral role of helping top mortgage lending institutions use ListReports to compliantly secure real estate relationships unlike ever before through rapid industry and technological change. At just 3 years old, ListReports has over 120,000 real estate agent and loan officer clients in all 50 states, and is now the #1 LO & agent co-marketing solution in the nation.